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Juanes on Sesame Street - Watch Now

by EAStaff | September 30, 2011

JUANES Will Appear In A Special Episode Of SESAME STREET On Tuesday, October 4th

“Airing to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, Sesame Street will premiere a special episode “The Latinization of Marco” where Gina teaches her adopted Guatemalan-born son about his roots. Special guests include Colombian superstar, Juanes singing “Muevete” with Elmo and Rosita; Sofia Vergara teaching the Spanish word ‘baile;’ and Ballet Hispanico.” – Sesame Street

Juanes sings “Muevete” with Sesame Street’s Elmo and Rosita teaching kids to get up and move with the music using their ‘manos, cabeza, pies’ – that’s hands, head and feet!

“Estoy muy emocionada de haber cantado una canción con Juanes en ingles y español !!! Es muy lindo y mi mama dice que el es muy guapo, y espero que vuelva pronto a Sesame Street.” – Rosita from Sesame Street.

“Elmo had so much fun singing with Juanes, Elmo hopes to sing with him again soon!” - Elmo from Sesame Street

See The Segment Now, Posted Today To Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel:



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