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Daddy Yankee Releases Hot New Single LOVUMBA

by EAStaff | October 4, 2011

Daddy Yankee prepares to top charts yet again with his passionate and sultry new single titled LOVUMBA. The new track, a witty blend of the words LOVE and RUMBA is a fusion of mambo, soca and dance beats, that express an undenyable chemistry heating up between a couple on the dance floor as the night and the music flows. The single was written by Daddy Yankee and produced by his hitmaking team of producers, Los De La Nazza. LOVUMBA is available today on iTunes.

"For me LOVUMBA is the definition of LOVE and RUMBA and a way to express your love through the music. The combination of love, music and dance will always create some of the most memorable moments in life. You have a great time doing it, and that is what inspired me to record this track"  Yankee describes the new single.

Daddy Yankee's eighth upcoming studio release Prestige is due out later this year and will include other collaborations amongst the artist's solo tracks.



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