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What to Expect from Blu-ray and DVD Release of Disney’s ‘Moana’

by Jessica G. Ferrer | February 27, 2017

In celebration of the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the animated event, Moana, we got an exclusive behind the scenes look and a chat with director Ron Clements and producer Osnat Shurer.

If you haven't heard or read our article on the film, Moana is a delightful new adventure. It’s filled with unique music and culture. Now with the release of the Blu-ray and DVD, you’re in for more fun as the bonus features are a one-of-kind experience, including an affair with the Islands of the south pacific. An adventure that producer Osnat confessed ‘was emotional’. In one of the many bonus features is an interesting explanation of the culture behind the tattoos, explaining the body is a shelter and what it means for the born natives. Plus, more on the ocean, the life, the lifestyle and the stories that gave life to the animated film. You’ll get an exclusive look at never before seen footage, as well as deleted songs and how the music all came together.

The musical element in Moana is very important and a character of its own. Working with a group of unique musical experts like Opetaia Foa’i, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Mark Mancina, viewers will get to see the artists working together behind the scenes and how the theme song, How Far Ill Go, was developed. Knowing the talent of Miranda, Clements and Shurer really wanted to work with him. They explained this was all happening while working on In The Heights. Osnat confessed, When we asked him what he was up to, he said he was working on this musical from public theater, kind of a hip-hop version of the founding fathers. I thought, yea one month, two months it'll be over and Ill have him full time. It did not really happen that way. The original plan was that after a short run on public theater, wed go away for a while and then maybe in a year it would go to broadway. Ron added. But instead the meetings were held on Skype with Hamilton wardrobe. What we got from that though, is that all demo songs are Hamilton casts. Some of that footage is included on the bonus features.

Both Ron and Osnat expressed their delight on meeting and interacting with natives from the pacific. A lot of what they learned about the culture and the islands will be included in the bonus features. They also shared the process of finding the voice of Moana. They said, we auditioned so many young girls for the role of Moana. It wasn't until the very last where we met Auli'i Cravalho. There we knew wed found her. She’s from Hawaii and although it’s her first big film, it’s like she was meant for the role. Also from Hawaii is Dwayne Johnson, who shares the same emotional journey on making this film as Auli’i. Both being from the islands, in the bonus features they express how important the film is for their people and how excited they are to share with the world.

For the full behind the scenes and bonus features of Disney’s Moana, find it on Blu-ray and DVD on March 7.





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