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‘Dunkirk’ Press Conference: Christopher Nolan & Cast Meet the Press

by EAStaff | July 25, 2017

While the true WWII story of Dunkirk may not be a major part of American history, it is a story that is ingrained in the history of our friends on the other side of the pond. And now with writer/director/producer Christopher Nolan's epic theatrical presentation, simply entitled Dunkirk, now playing in theaters, we will know why this incredible tale is so much a part of English society. Featuring an interesting blend of veteran actors (Kenneth BranaghMark Rylance) established names (Tom HardyJames D'ArcyCillian Murphy) and newcomers (Fionn WhiteheadJack Lowden and One Direction's Harry Styles), Nolan and his wife/producer Emma Thomas have put together a film that is a celebration of the human spirit and, as Nolan puts it, "communal heroism."

Entertainment Affair was at the “Dunkirk” press conference held recently at Santa Monica airport’s historic Barker Hanger, where Nolan, Thomas, Rylance, Whitehead, Lowden and Styles gathered before the media to discuss all aspects of the filming, including Nolan's decision to shoot with IMAX cameras and release an amazing 70mm version, and the history behind these real-life events. You can watch the full press conference below.





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