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Telemundo Kicks Off Production of 'Rosa Diamante'

by EAStaff | May 1, 2012

Telemundo is proud to announce the kick-off production of “Rosa Diamante,” a new primetime novela wholly produced in Mexico that marks the return of Mauricio Ochmann, the debut of Carla Hernández and the participation of novela icon Lupita Ferrer. This Telemundo original production is premiering this summer.

“Rosa Diamante” tells the story of Rosa (Carla Hernández), a beautiful young woman whose destiny takes her to a prestigious boarding school but her life will take an unexpected turn when she meets José Ignacio Altamirano (Mauricio Ochmann), a handsome and smart, yet womanizing man.

This love story includes first actress Lupita Ferrer in her return to both Mexico and Telemundo. Lupita will play Rosaura Sotomayor, a resentful and arrogant woman capable of fakery and the most sinister lies to manipulate others and reach her objectives.

The star-studded cast of “Rosa Diamante” includes: Claudia Ramírez, Sofía Lama, Manuel Balbi, Patricio Castillo, Thali García, Luciana Silveyra, Marco de Paula, Luis Xavier, Mariana Villalvazo, Néstor Rodulfo, Ofelia Guiza, Constantino Costas and Marco Treviño, among others.

“Rosa Diamante” is a Telemundo original production taped in its totality in Mexico with Argos. This novela written by Enrique Torres is adapted by Sandra Velasco Scarpa.

Through www.telemundo.com/RosaDiamante viewers will soon obtain exclusive content of “Rosa Diamante,” including photo galleries, behind-the-scenes and videos not seen on television. Fans can also follow “Rosa Diamante” in the social media pages Facebook.com/RosaDiamanteTelemundo and Twitter: @RosaDiaman teTV.




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